Tungsten Buffer Weight

tungsten buffer weight is made from Tungsten heavy alloy and used in rifles.

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Product Description

Tungsten buffer weight is used in rifles to help operate normally. When a bullet is fired, the buffer weight will reconnect the bolt carrier to push another bullet to

the chamber for continuous shooting. 

Tungsten buffer weight is made from tungsten alloy to make it significantly dense. It is heavier than lead, steel, or aluminum. An accurate weight for buffer is the
key to the desired performance of your assembly. We produce tungsten alloy based American Standard and has a very strict and stable control of production
You can choose our buffer weight to customize your own carbine. There are three types of ways. H, H2 or H3. H buffer means one tungsten weights and two
steel weights. H2 means two tungsten weights and one steel weights. H3 means three tungsten weights.