Electronic Packaging Materials Introduce

In the microelectronics industry, thermal management is very important. Keep the electronic components from overheating is quite essential to their performance, reliability and longevity.

The technology advancements and the increasing needs for high power drive the demand for the heat control and thermal conductivity.

Appropriate material selection is quite vital for hermetic packaging of the electronic components. JBNR offers high performance thermal management metal matrix materials like Copper Tungsten (WCu), Molybdenum Copper (MoCu), Copper Molybdenum Copper (CMC), Copper Molybdenum-Copper Copper (CPC) and SCMC. The heat sinks we offer has high thermal conductivity, excellent hermeticity, perfect geometry.

Our electronic packaging materials are mainly used as heat sinks and spreaders, microwave and RF carriers, hermetic package bases and housings, ceramic substrate carriers, GaAs, GaN, and silicon device flanges and laser diode mounts.