Tungsten Stationary Anode Target

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Product Description

Our company is a professional manufacturer of stationary anode targets including pure tungsten targets, pure tungsten disk and tungsten rhenium targets. They are used for X-ray tubes which used in the dental care fields.

Shielding heads made from copper, tungsten-copper or the tungsten heavy alloy prevent the scattering of the X-ray radiation. They are also in our production range.

Purity, density and microstructure have a decisive effect on the pure tungsten fixed target. And we are able to provide such tungsten targets whose purity is at least 99.95% with desired impurity content. With high density, it will show a particularly high level of conductivity and time saving for its excellent sputtering speeds. With a homogeneous micro structure, it will have uniform erosion in the sputtering process.

Our company can also produce all dimensions of fixed tungsten anode targets and fixed tungsten rhenium anode targets as required by the users with their drawings.