Motor rotor welding electrode

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tungsten electrode

motor rotor welding electrode

motor rotor welding electrode

Product Description

Tungsten electrode is used as plasma discharge electrode, fusion electrode,micro tip welding electrodes and resistance welding electrode,used for copper wire welding , Enameled Wire welding, coppre lug welding, copper foil welding, Copper crossing wire welding and so on.Mainly used for motor rotor field.


Composite (%wt.) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRC) Electrical conductivity (%IACS) Class RWMA comparation
W≥99.95 19.3 36 30 13 13.743 high temperature resistance
W-Ce(CeO2:2%) 19.2         low electric discharge power,fine arc satrting perfromance,longer life time
W-La(La2O3:1~2%) 19.2         low electric discharge power,easy for machining

tungsten electrode (Wce,Wla,Pure W, Depends on customer'welding products)