Spot welding tip

Key words:

Spot welding tip

Micro spot welding tip

Micro spot welding electrode

Product Description

The welding tips are various for welding different types of enamelled cable or metal wire. According to material and tip structure, the welding electrode can be divided into 6 types:

V type, Va type: material molybdenum, ohmic contact type

Vb type, 2D type: material tungsten, ohmic contact type

U type: tip connect type, tungsten material

P type: tip discontinuous parallel type, material tungsten or molybdenum

Application / Models

RFID card’s winding welding, IC card’s winding welding, earphone’s down-lead welding, buzzer’s down-lead welding, mini-motor’s winding welding, solar battery’s down-lead welding, watch’s welding, audio frequency’s connection welding, SMD inductor welding, SMD transformer welding, glazed wire welding,