Molybdenum/Moly/Mo wire

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Molybdenum Wires

black molybdenum wires

white molybdenum wires

wire cutting molybdenum wires



Product Description


Molybdenum Wires

Grade: Pure Molybdenum and TZM Molybdenum alloy.
Size: ≥0.05mm

Surface: Black surface, bright surface
Condition: Vacuum Annealed and un-annealed

  Molybdenum wires (mo wires) can be grouped into black and white molybdenum wires or spray and wire cutting molybdenum wires.
  Moly wire is used as hot cathode or gate in electron tube, sealing parts of glass and ceramics, electronic-vacuum and electric light source parts, and high temperature heaters. It can be also employed to roll molybdenum foil and remake small specification molybdenum wires.