Molybdenum/Moly/Mo rod

Key words:

Sintering Molybdenum rod

Molybdenum rod

Forging Molybdenum rod

molybdenum bar



Product Description

Physical and chemical properties

1   Forging molybdenum rod

1.1  PurityMo99.95%

1.2  Density10.1g/cm3

1.3  Linearity1%

2   Sintering molybdenum rod

2.1  Purity Mo99.95%

2.2  Density:≥9.5 g/cm3

2.3  Linearity:≤2%

Ⅱ、Manufacture process and equipment

Molybdenum rod is used as electrodes for quartz glass melting, seed shafts for sapphire growth furnace, heating elements in high-temperature furnace.