Spot welding head

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Spot welding head

Hot bar



Product Description

The heat conducted through the bottom of the welding to the work piece, and welds the work piece. This welding method has small heating influence on the surrounding device.

Material: tungsten or molybdenum


1). The flexible circuit board hot pressing, solder welding for LCD, PDP, mobile phones and other electronic products. Such as mobile phone batteries, motors, IC card chip and etc.

2). Soldering welding for HDD, coil, capacitors, motors, sensors and other enameled wire.

3). Soldering welding for the cable and the connection part of Computer and other communication machines.

4). Soldering welding for digital cameras, mobile phones and other CMOS, CCD and FPC board.

5). Resin hot pressing combination for resins, printers and small cameras.

6). The combination of gold line hot pressure for microwave devices.

7). Welding for car headlamps, switch horns, motor terminals, motors and wiring harness metal sheet, multi-strand copper and copper, etc.

Now our company is developing tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and other new materials. When welding, our welding electrode has properties of bright solder, reliability, stability, less signal attenuation. To meet the requirement of electronics industry on the use of spot welding head, our welding electrodes maintain good electrical and thermal conductivity, while our products has better wear-resistance, high temperature strength and anti-oxygenation at room temperature, which leads to longer life time.