Molybdenum/ Moly/ Mo boat

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molybdenum boat

molybdenum carrier



Product Description


Molybdenum Boat


Grade: Pure Molybdenum and TZM Molybdenum alloy
Size: (20-100) x (20-100) x (50-800)L, (0.5-5.0mm) thk or according to the drawings from the customers.
Product type: bending, folding, riveting, welding, pressing;
Application: Our company have been supplying molybdenum boat(moly boat; mo boat) and carrier to many industries including metal evaporation deposition, electron splash, high-temperature furnace, ceramic or tungsten alloy sintering industry, sinter annealing in reduced atmosphere of vacuum coating industry and nuclear fuel processing. Our technology can reach the domestic advanced level and provide high quality boats and carriers with high corrosion resistance and high creep resistance. We can offer standard and non-standard shapes or sizes for customers.